Pinellas County Schools is hosting a School Bus Road-E-O on March 5th 2016.

Competition qualifications

In order to qualify for competition a driver must hold a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL) and meet any other licensing or certification requirement for the school bus driver, and employed as such, from the State where he or she is employed. In addition, he or she must not have had a preventable school bus accident (as defined by the National Safety Council Safe Driver Award Program) since September 1, 2015.

(Definition of a Preventable Accident)

An occurrence involving an employer owned or leased vehicle that results in an accident in which the driver in question failed to exercise every reasonable precaution to prevent it.

Road–E-O FAQ

  1. What is the approximate time the competition ends? The number of contestants that register will determine the length of the event day. We are estimating the time of 6:00pm.
  2. How does one register? See your district representative to fill out the registration form.
  3. What are the categories? Regular Ed/Conventional Driving course.
  4. Is there a web site involved with the event? No
  5. How many judges do you need, and will you need them the day before the event for training? We are in need of judges. If you have people that would like to volunteer please send their names. They will only need to be present the day of the event. They will also be receiving a complimentary lunch.
  6. On the stop line event, the measurements will be taken any place on the bumper that is closet to line, does that mean student arm, bracket or bolts? The measurement for the stop line will be from the center of the bumper.
  7. On the offset alley event, only four poles will be used for this event? There will be 2 sets of 4 poles for the offset alley.
  8. Can you send me more information on how you are setting it up, such as: will it be individuals or teams participating, if teams, how many per team, are you doing alternates? We are not specifying trams, registration is on an individual driver basis.
  9. What year buses will be used for driving the course? Please let me know of the buses used so that my driver can familiarize themselves prior to the event. The year of buses is 2015-2016 71 passenger Blue Bird Propane buses.
  10. Will they be doing a pre-trip? Yes
  11. Will there be a written test? Yes