Deadline for submission is May 1, 2019.

The American School Bus Council (ASBC) encourages school districts and operations around the country to share how they #LoveTheBus during its Love the Bus Campaign.

Launched in 2007, Love the Bus is a month-long celebration held every February. The event highlights the important role of the yellow school bus in education, with a special focus on thanking school bus drivers for safely transporting 25 million children to and from school every day. Love the Bus events are held at schools, school bus facilities, and other locations across the country. The events raise awareness and appreciation for the experience of riding the bus to and from school, and they recognize the diverse group of professionals whose daily efforts make the yellow school bus part of the fabric of American life.

Florida has many creative groups who have held exciting events to celebrate bus operators, school transportation teams and the many positive experiences students have while riding the bus. The FAPT wants to recognize those who have gone the extra mile and to share the many good ideas, pictures and practices of our members. Not only do we want to recognize these efforts, but the most unique, funniest, “best” event team will be rewarded with a $500 award sponsored by The Braun Corporation to encourage them to continue their efforts each year. 

Nomination Process: To nominate your team, send the FAPT an email with a description and pictures of your event and how you went about putting it together. Include comments from those who participated. (Please be sure to obtain permission for the FAPT to publish photos of your event.) Show your pride in your team and maybe they will receive the seed money for next year and inspire others to follow their example.

Letters to Bus Operators: We are also seeking photo copies of real letters or emails written about your bus operators or technicians. These can be written by students, parents, school personnel or community members who take the time to say something special about a member of the transportation staff to recognize him or her. With permission, these letters will be shared in our newsletter as space permits!

Many thanks to Matt Beck from Braun for making this award possible!