E-Z ON 5As any superhero knows, safety is the number one priority when it comes to saving the planet. We at E-Z-ON PRODUCTS, INC. of FLORIDA® couldn’t agree more. For years, E-Z-ON has specialized in passenger safety restraint options for adults and children, especially those with special needs. These individuals, many of which are considered “heroes” to their family and friends, ride in school buses, cars, trucks, airplanes, motor coaches and more. The right E-Z-ON vest or harness helps ensure that these incredible individuals are kept safe while out protecting our hearts and communities. With each and every product at E-Z-ON designed to meet the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we provide maximum safety and effectiveness for all heroes utilizing our products while they are on the move.

E-Z ON 2With designs like the Kid-YC Harness, which easily connects to a school bus’s existing safety system, younger heroes of up to 100 pounds can feel safe while traveling to and from school. When used in the family vehicle, the Kid-YC Harness is in fact more practical and safer for the child than the vehicle’s existing restraint system. For the more experienced hero, the E-Z-ON Adjustable 103Z Vest ensures a safe and comfortable ride in the family vehicle for children or adults between 20 to 168 pounds. The Adjustable 103Z Vest can help make any family feel safe while on the go, and can also help to turn any day out saving the world into an even safer one.

E-Z ON 3Heroes are constantly on the move, and whether they are riding to and from school on the school bus, or saving the world in the family vehicle, it is always important that we protect our heroes in every way that we can. We at E-Z-ON hope that by creating safe, reliable and comfortable safety restraint systems, we can do our part to make sure that all of the world’s heroes stay protected. So no matter how they may be travelling, consider looking into an E-Z-ON product to help them stay safe along the way.

Share your hero’s story with us

Know someone who you consider a “hero”? We would love to hear about them. Many of us consider our children and loved ones our heroes for showing us a side of life we wouldn’t have seen otherwise, or for simply putting a smile on our face every day. Share your hero’s story with us on E-Z-ON’s Facebook and Twitter pages. To find out more ways to keep your hero safe while on the go, stop by our website at www.ezonpro.com.