Deadline: May 1, 2019

General Description: The FAPT Pioneer Award recognizes an individual who made significant positive contributions to the transportation industry in Florida during their career. 

Eligibility: The nominee shall have been retired by a minimum of three years to be eligible for this award. 

Nominations: Nominations must be made by a current active member of the FAPT. 

Evaluation and Selection of Candidates: The President of the FAPT shall appoint a committee to evaluate all nominations and to recommend a Pioneer to the Executive Committee for final award. 

 Basic Criteria: 

  1. The nominee shall have been active in transportation for a minimum of five years.
  2. The nominee must be perceived as a leader by their colleagues and peers.
  3. The nominee shall have served to influence decision making on issues affecting student safety.
  4. The nominee shall have made contributions to the safety and quality of transportation service to students.
  5. The nominee shall have been retired for a minimum of three years and must have retired as an employee in good standing in the department in which they were working at the time.

 Nomination Procedure: 

The nominator shall complete the form provided. 

The nominator may re-nominate an unsuccessful candidate in subsequent years, however applications will not automatically carry over. 

The Nomination Form will be transmitted electronically via email for distribution to the evaluation committee. The address to be used is The deadline is May 1, 2019.

 Pioneer Award: 

The Pioneer will be recognized at the Annual Summer Conference and have his/her expenses paid by the FAPT to attend. An appropriate plaque will be presented to the Pioneer during the conference.

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