Driver behavior management is taking the next step with the CoPilot-RFID, the AngelTrax windshield-mounted mobile DVR/camera combination now equipped with the capability to permanently embed the vehicle operator’s identification into the vehicle’s video records.

With two integrated wide-angle lens cameras, the CoPilot-RFID is the perfect solution for simultaneously surveilling oncoming traffic and in-cab activity. With 160-degree views of the vehicle’s interior and exterior, the CoPilot-RFID captures a clear-cut account that can protect drivers from false claims and curb unwanted driver behaviors, making any fleet more efficient. The DVR is equipped to pair with an optional radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader for embedding driver identification into the video’s permanent metadata and for greater efficiency in record keeping for the entire fleet.

 When a driver scans his or her RFID card, the CoPilot-RFID will log data for the driver and embed the driver’s pre-programmed ID number in the subsequent video footage. When coupled with MotoTrax™, the online surveillance manager from AngelTrax, each scan of the RFID card will send updates to MotoTrax with the driver’s starting time and coordinates, providing a near real-time analysis of a driver’s route.

 AngelTrax President and CEO Richie Howard commented, “Reducing liability is a key element in increasing efficiency for fleets, and this system allows fleet supervisors to do that in two ways: cutting down on bad driving behaviors and proving good drivers weren’t at fault during incidents beyond their control. With the CoPilot-RFID, the supervisor can see when and where drivers start their routes and have the video evidence to understand the driver’s actions.”

For more information about driver behavior analysis and how to implement the CoPilot-RFID, contact AngelTrax toll-free at 800.673.1788 or online at For detailed analysis of the driver’s behavior, including aggressiveness and distraction scoring, synced with video captured and recorded by the CoPilot-RFID, ask about the Driver Behavior feature of MotoTrax, the online surveillance manager, or visit