By Glenn Matthews

Matthews Bus Alliance’s team of bus-dedicated road technicians, the Road Warriors, is the best in the business, and not by accident.

First, there is the fearless leader, Donna Matura (pictured center in the elf sweater), who fields the service calls and coordinates everything with the customer and our technicians. Donna’s customer service skills and unique ability to multitask and schedule everything for our customers is amazing.

Then we have Dennis Adkins, who is the back counter parts support person to the team. He sits directly next to Donna in our Orlando location and brings the parts knowledge and experience required to provide the right parts to our technicians on time.

All of our technicians are visible via live-view GPS to Donna and our team so that we can proactively redirect our technicians when high-priority issues arise at other locations. One customer coined the phrase, “Matthews is local everywhere,” as a result of our multiple mobile shops throughout the state of Florida.

All of our technicians receive training from our full-time Thomas Built Buses Trainer of The Year, Ali Rampartab. They also receive on-the-road training from our lead road technician, Dominic Lazano (second to right from Donna). All new Road Warriors go through a comprehensive in-house training program prior to hitting the road. Our team of Road Warriors function as one cohesive unit to support customers statewide. They perform all types of repairs, including AC and Cummins engines. All of our Road Warriors have top-notch, large sprinter-type vans, fully equipped with everything needed to support our customers. They are FLDOE-certified inspectors and a substantial reason many schools in Florida choose Matthews.

We all know how hard it is to find and keep good technicians these days. Districts want the dealer who sold them the bus/buses to provide the warranty support so they can focus on the business of maintaining their fleet.

As one customer said, “You sold us the bus, therefore you own it. Everything from the wheels up!” He is right. This is where our agile team of Road Warriors comes in. Florida school districts tell us they actually have been able to reduce their spare fleet percentages as a result of our road service rapid response times. We also have been credited with being a part of “some of the best starts of school ever”. One district even credited us with “assisting in culture change at the district”.  We do offer CPWA, but we much prefer our technicians do the work. Sending buses back and forth to dealerships for warranty repair is costly to school districts, so we do the traveling so you don’t have to.