Feb. 12-16, 2018

Orange County Public Schools celebrated “Love the Bus” month during the week of Feb. 12 with a different event each day. A pizza lunch was provided for all transportation staff on Friday.

Many schools promoted the week on their school marquee and provided snacks and/or breakfast for their drivers.

During this week, managers greeted transportation staff each morning with a special treat and a smile. A different treat was provided each day.

On Monday, a certificate of appreciation was presented to each transportation employee by their managers along with candies and snacks with reminders of what they do for the students of Ornage County Public Schools.

On Tuesday, key chains recognizing the district’s 2017 Florida Sterling Council’s Sustained Performance Excellence Award were given out. This award was given three years after receiving the Governor’s Sterling Award, which shows that the district continued its processes to be efficient and effective in serving the students of OCPS. This success cannot be achieved without the help of each transportation services member.

On Wednesday, cakes were delivered to each compound with forks and plates.

On Thursday, candy bars with a special message were handed out to each employee.

Finally, on Friday, there was a special treat with a special message for everyone. A pizza lunch was provided for everyone. Hot pizzas were delivered to each compound between the morning and afternoon routes.

Our local partners helped with providing candy, cake and the pizza lunch on Friday.

Special thanks goes to Matthews Bus Alliance, Sam’s Club, Florida Transportation Systems and SEON for their support of pupil transportation.

The energy of Kim Frye (director of transportation services), Karen Ausberry (senior administrator of business services), Justin Radtke (manager of business services) and Olga Vazquez (transportation specialist) made this week a tremendous success. They contacted our vendors for sponsorships, negotiated deals and coordinated all purchases and deliveries of the goodies to our team.

The OCPS system is the ninth largest in the nation and fourth largest in Florida. Transportation services uses 892 buses which transport approximately 70,000 students to and from school daily. OCPS school buses travel almost 19 million miles annually, and more than 100,000 miles on an average school day.