Love the Bus is ASBC’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness and appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of school bus drivers who safely transport children to and from school.

School bus drivers have made the Yellow School Bus the largest and safest transportation system in the country and are deserving of our thanks. By understanding the value of student transportation to our education system, Love the Bus promotes the idea that every person involved in our schools is critical to our children’s success.

While Love the Bus in an ongoing campaign, every February ASBC and schools across America take time out to celebrate Love the Bus month. Students can participate by sharing stories about their favorite bus drivers and making interactive Valentine’s cards to email or print and give to their bus driver. Educators can download the Love the Bus toolkit, which provides resources for implementing a comprehensive program in your school. ASBC hopes to make February a month where parents, students, educators, and administrators all show their appreciation for those responsible for getting our children safely to and from school every single day.

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