FAPT Executive Committee Minutes

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10:00 a.m.

On-Line Meeting via Network and Conference Call


Members Present:

Scott Pfender, President

Richard Duckworth, Past President

Arby Creach, Pres Elect

Jamie Warrington DOE

David Buchanan

Jay McInnis

Pat Snell

David Spencer

Humberto Chief Alvarez, Vendor Rep

Louise Piper, Exec Sec.


Jason Harris (prior commitment)


Update on 2016 Conference Planning

The president began the meeting with high praise and acknowledgement of the excellent program that is being put together by Arby Creach.  It has taken a great deal of work and it is going to be an excellent agenda.  Mrs. Piper reported that there are currently 21 districts registered and 72/ 26 members/guests.    We have commitments for 50 booths of 72 with 87 vendors registered to date.  We have commitments for $10,250 in sponsorships

There are 590 room nights contracted at hotel and 472 room nights have been reserved to date.

We are hoping for much higher registration numbers as soon as we issue the agenda.  It is still early and we feel like we do not need to be concerned until closer to the middle of May.


Update on 2017 Conference Venue

Jay McInnis, Louise Piper and Bob Dolan (representing Humberto Alvarez who is on leave from SunState) held an onsite meeting at the hotel (TPC Sawgrass Marriott) March 21st with hotel staff.  Jay reported on the condition of the hotel and meeting space and projected renovation completion.  The staff was very accommodating and we feel like this will be an excellent venue for us.  Our meeting dates in 2017 fall over the 4th of July Holiday and there was a discussion of the theme for the conference banquet and possible celebration events.  Mr. McInnis will make a brief presentation about the hotel at the 2016 Conference and the hotel reservation link will open shortly after that.  This will be a busy week for the hotel and we want to be sure our members have the opportunity to get a room at an excellent rate.  Mr. McInnis also thanked Humberto for allowing Mr. Dolan to participate and for agreeing to coordinate the golf tournament which is both very time consuming and worthwhile to our members and vendors who golf.


Updates on Lake Yale and Technicians Summer Workshop

Jamie Warrington reported that Lake Yale 72 participants and everything is going well.  The training is this current week.  50% of the attendees are first time attendees and he is encouraged by this.  They seemed to be getting a great deal out of the training and were really participating.  He will conduct a “Lessons Learned” Wrap Up meeting with the committee at the close of the workshop to begin planning for next year.  The committee remains committed to this event.  Jamie thanked Lake School District Transportation Department for their support to Lake Yale.

Mrs. Piper reported on the planning for the Technicians Summer Workshop and there are currently 115 participants registered.   The committee is having an on-site meeting at the Daytona facility on April 20th and Mrs. Piper will attend as well as help with actual registration on June 13.


News from FDOE/STMS

Jamie Warrington announced his pending resignation from the DOE as he has accepted a position in Hillsborough County as Manager of Safety and Training.  His last day with DOE is April 15.  He hopes to continue to be involved with FAPT and to serve on committees.  He will help out whenever he can.

There was a discussion of the traditional role that DOE staff have played with the FAPT and their former level of assistance and service to many of Florida’s school districts.  This role is clearly being reduced to a minimal level.

Arby Creach commented that he had an opportunity to visit with nationally prominent consultant George Horne recently about his previous experience in the State of Louisiana and George said they had gone through very similar situation with their state department and his office was reduced to nothing and the LAPT was almost totally decimated by the lack of support from the State.


Sandestin Rooming for Members of the EC

Sandestin hotel staff accidentally sold the upgraded rooms at the closest hotel that had been reserved for the executive committee members so they have reserved upgraded rooms at the Sandestin Grande which is a newer, nicer hotel near the Bayside Villages… The email Mrs. Piper received stated:  “Also, I wanted to let you know that I have made reservations for all of your VIPs that were on your list.  They do not need to call into make a reservation and can pay upon arrival.  I just want to ensure that they get the best rooms which I have booked for them.”

Signed by

Julie Lewis, Group Reservations Coordinator

e: JulieLewis@sandestin.com

p: 850.267.4700


Request to Sponsor Pioneer Award

Mrs. Piper reported that she has received a request to sponsor the FAPT Pioneer Award which could include purchasing of the plaque, possible travel expenses and a gift certificate to the honoree.  It was decided that the executive committee does not wish to commercialize this honor but would prefer to perhaps name the Pioneer Award after J. Pope Baird, former Pioneer in Florida and nationally.


Articles for June Newsletter

  • Jim Beekman has agreed to author an article on FAPT with thoughts on how to get back on track from our glory days…he made an excellent presentation at Punta Gorda on this issue and we didn’t take him to heart at the time.
  • Fred Murphy , Bob Veres and Chuck Stevenson have agreed to be phone interviewed by Del for an article on “what I remember most about FAPT and my experience with the association”.
  • Louise Piper has written an article about her recollection of DOE STMS and her concerns for the direction they seem to be heading.
  • Arby Creach has been asked to do an article on his recent experience in Washington testifying on the 3-point seat belt issue to NHTSA.


Financial Update

Mrs. Piper stated we have funds in the bank however we also have many current outstanding obligations (Lake Yale, Technicians Summer Conference and the FAPT Conference) that will erode our currently inflated balance.


Appointment of Nominating Committee

The President will ask Richard Duckworth to make suggestions for possible replacements for

Area Directors Regions III (David Spencer) and V (Jay McInnis).  Ms. McInnis has indicated he is willing to continue and if reelected will continue his assigned task on establishing a hotel rotation for future conferences.


Distribution of any proceeds of golf tournament

It was decided that the executive committee review the proceeds of this year’s charity tournament and establish maximum amount to donate to Florida’s Missing Childrens’ Day Foundation and the remaining to go towards scholarships for FAPT events.


Request from a Vendor

The executive director has received several requests for all contact data for every member and every vendor (phone, email, title, name, address, cell phone etc etc) in a specified format if possible.  The executive committee felt that we offer advertising opportunities to our vendors

on our web page and in our newsletter.  Those that attend our conference can collect business cards.  We will not make data from our membership list available.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:30 a.m.