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2018 Lake Yale training presentations

Below are the presentations for the 28th annual Lake Yale training meeting. Medicaid school-based transportation services. Fit for duty. Transportation FEFP reporting. Transporting homeless children and youth for their education. Active killer response training. Out of sight out of mind. Raising the bar. School bus operator driver qualification file. Basics od special education. Social media […]

2018 mid-year presentations

Thinking forward. IC Bus. Driving our future. School transportation update, by Robert Manspeaker. Technology and tooling, by Sun State Bus Centers. So you think it could never happen to you? A case study of workplace theft. By Randy Wheeler. Florida Transportation Systems Inc., by Doug Revelle. Florida Transportation Systems Inc. Assisting victims of human trafficking, […]

2017 FAPT conference presentations

Take a look at the 69th FAPT summer conference presentations below. School bus safety – We’re not done yet. School transportation management update. Charter schools: Know your responsibilities. Operational audits and self-evaluation criteria. A safer Florida – Highway safety and motor vehicles. Preparing students for a lifetime of success. The bright future of clean energy […]

2017 Lake Yale training presentations

Below are the presentations for the 27th annual┬áLake Yale training meeting. Human trafficking and anti-bullying. Are they tagged? Recruiting drivers and how to keep them. Students with visual impairments. Look beneath the surface. Hard of hearing awareness on the bus. School bus evacuation. Commercial driver license changes. Communication skills. OTETA update. Student transportation funding and […]