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Access denied to trespassers

Access denied to trespassers

Thanks to the Escambia County School District (ECSD), it will be written – in law – that trespassing on a school bus is a first-degree demeanor. Rob Doss, director of transportation for ECSD, says that getting the legislation passed was quite the mission. Currently, it is illegal to trespass on school property, but school buses […]

Award nominations deadline approaching

The FAPT is currently seeking nominations for the best Love the Bus Campaign and Pioneer in Transportation and Community Service Awards. New in 2018 is an award sponsored by the Braun Corporation to highlight the funniest, most unique or zaniest Love the Bus Campaign in Florida with a $500 check. The FAPT executive committee is […]

Bus Operator of the Year nominations

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see an article about the Florida Bus Operator of the Year who was recognized at the Florida Missing Children’s Day event in Tallahassee. Linda Sheldrake of Flagler District Schools was selected by the Foundation for the 2017 award, but there were also several very deserving nominations. While there is […]