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30th Annual School Bus Technicians Summe...

MEMORANDUM  TO: Transportation Directors and Service Managers FROM: Mike Frazee – Volusia District Schools  Tom Simco – Charlotte District Schools  Committee Co-Chairmen  FAPT Technicians Qualification and Standards Committee  CONTACT: Glen Enstice  Brevard District Schools  Phone: 321-302-9075  Email at  SUBJECT: 30th Annual School Bus Technicians Summer Workshops  Click below for to download full memo

2018 Lake Yale training presentations

Below are the presentations for the 28th annual Lake Yale training meeting. Medicaid school-based transportation services. Fit for duty. Transportation FEFP reporting. Transporting homeless children and youth for their education. Active killer response training. Out of sight out of mind. Raising the bar. School bus operator driver qualification file. Basics od special education. Social media […]