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Annual Summer Conferences

The agenda for this four-day conference and trade show always includes recognized expert presentations and discussion sessions in a variety of subjects for every level of administrator and staff. There are sessions designed for fleet, safety, routing, driver training and operational supervisors.

Mid-Year Meetings

Typically held in January or February, this meeting is designed for administrators to have an opportunity to develop their personal inservice plan and to prioritize the needs for their staff. Many directors feel that is the best meeting of the year for their own peer to peer learning and collective sharing of best practices.

Driver Trainers Spring Workshop

Throughout the year the FAPT coordinates with the Fl School Transportation Management staff to offer classes to train your staff on presenting the Basic Bus Driver Curriculum for your newly recruited operators.

Technicians Summer Workshop

June is a time for districts to send their technicians for an intensive 40 hour training. The workshop provides school bus diagnostic and repair training both in classroom and hands-on settings for technicians. This focus is on entry and apprentice level technicians. Training is offered by all three bus manufacturers, all lift, brake, transmission and AC providers. There is an optional pre-workshop class offered on basic electrical diagnostics.

CDL (Commercial Driver License) Examiner Certification

If your district trains and examines new drivers to obtain their CDL, you will want to sign your staff up to attend these classes and refresher courses. The Florida DOESTMS staff work closely with the Florida Department of Highway Safety to assist your staff in meeting the requirements of being Third Party Examiners.

FAPT Technician Certification

The FAPT offers three levels of On-line certification testing for fleet staff: Vehicle Service Technician, Master Repair Technician and Parts Specialist. The tests must be proctored and the person taking the test will receive results immediately of their successful completion. Certificates are provided for their district inservice records. Many districts use this certification as a condition of hourly wage increases.

Safety Inspector Certification

Regulations require that 30-day school bus safety inspections be performed by certified inspectors. FDOE School Transportation Management staff work with the FAPT to offer the Hands-On testing portion of the certification process after on-line examination has been successfully completed.

Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

This training is offered to those staff who are the front line contacts for bus operators or staff. Learning how alcohol and substance abuse affects the workplace, what to look for and how to document reasonable suspicion is critical to maintaining a drug and alcohol free environment and ensuring your bus operator are not reporting for work impaired or under the influence. In recent years, the class has been a post summer conference workshop.

Special Training Events

The FAPT has offered a one-day class for those staff who work with special needs children. Taught by a nationally recognized expert, this type of opportunity will continue to be available to our members. We also planned a Cybersecurity Workshop in 2020 that was cancelled after the pandemic hit but will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If you have a specific request for training, please let our executive director know of your needs and we will try to accommodate you.

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